Was sollte man tun, wenn man ein verlassenes Vogelnest findet?



Finding an abandoned bird’s nest can be a fascinating discovery. Whether you stumble upon it in your garden, while hiking, or in a park, it’s important to know how to handle the situation. In this blog post, I will guide you through the appropriate steps you should take when you come across an empty bird’s nest. From understanding why it might be vacant to ensuring the safety of any potential future inhabitants, here are some important tips to consider.

Recognizing an abandoned bird’s nest


Understanding the situation

Before taking any action, it’s important to confirm whether the nest is truly abandoned. It could be that the adult birds are away hunting for food or are momentarily absent. Observe the nest from a distance for some time to see if any adult birds return. If the nest remains unattended for several hours or days, it is likely abandoned.

1. Ensure your own safety

When trying to identify a vacant bird’s nest, always prioritize your own safety. Take care not to disturb any nearby bird nests or their surroundings, as birds can become protective and territorial. Maintain a respectful distance and avoid interfering with the natural habitat.

2. Decide on intervention

If you confirm that the bird’s nest is abandoned, you have a choice to make. You may decide to intervene and offer assistance or allow nature to take its course. Both options have their pros and cons, and it’s essential to consider the well-being of the birds and your personal circumstances.

Taking action: Assisting abandoned bird nests

Creating a safe environment for the nest

If you choose to intervene and assist the abandoned bird’s nest, follow these steps:

1. Assess the condition of the nest

Take a close look at the nest to determine its condition. Is it well-constructed and undamaged? If it is damaged or unstable, you may need to repair or reinforce it to ensure the safety of the potential future inhabitants.

2. Place the nest in a secure location

Once you’ve established the nest’s stability, carefully relocate it to a safe area. Choose a spot that mimics the nest’s natural environment, such as a tree or shrub. Ensure the new location provides adequate protection from predators and adverse weather conditions.

3. Provide food and water

While abandoned bird nests don’t typically require immediate food and water assistance, it is important to monitor the situation. Keep an eye on the nest, observing any signs of returning adult birds or potential hatchlings. If they do appear, consult local bird experts or wildlife rehabilitation centers for guidance on appropriate feeding methods.

4. Maintain a respectful distance

After relocating the nest, it’s crucial to maintain a respectful distance and avoid unnecessary disturbances. Keep an eye on the nest from a distance, but refrain from continuous close monitoring. Remember, birds are sensitive creatures, and interference can have unintended consequences.

Allowing nature to take its course

Understanding nature’s processes

Alternatively, you may choose to let nature take its course without intervention. This decision can be influenced by factors such as the type of bird, the timing of the discovery, and your personal resources and capabilities. Abandoned nests often play a crucial role in the natural cycle of birds and can provide important nesting materials for future generations.

Appreciating the beauty of an abandoned bird’s nest

By leaving the nest undisturbed, you create opportunities for other creatures to utilize it. It can serve as a shelter for insects, small mammals, or even new bird species seeking a place to build their nests. Observing the lifecycle of a bird’s nest from start to finish offers a unique perspective on nature’s intricate processes.


Discovering an abandoned bird’s nest can be an enriching experience. Understanding how to handle these situations ensures the well-being of the birds and their natural habitat. Remember that intervention is a choice and should be made considering the best interests of the birds and your own capabilities. Whether you decide to assist the nest or let nature run its course, always maintain a respectful distance and appreciate the beauty of these intricate creations.

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